Business Website Development


The concept of Business Website has undergone a dramatic transition over a decade. Before, it was all about straight talking from the Product Seller/Manufacturer or the Service Provider. The corporate website usually had the Company/Management profile, banners with visual effects, Service & Product info and provisions to contact the web admin of the company. The objective of the web presence was to communicate to the shareholders and prospective clients.

Since the advent of web 2.0, even big players in the corporate world are beginning to look at their web presence in a different perspective.

Now, instead of directly communicating the product/service experience to the audience, users are encouraged to share it with other members of the audience. Users are allowed to provide their review comments, ratings and recommendations regarding the products/services offered by the company.

Establishing a platform for user centered activities with respect to Product/Service promotions and encouraging the participation of the user community, in-line with strategic objectives have become more important in today’s web world.

With a decade of experience, N-Sharp is well-aware of the web paradigms and their relevancy in today’s business world. A multi-faceted corporate website with company information, Product/Service Presentation, Social Media and User Engagement capabilities and appropriate E-commerce module integration is what we deliver to our clients.

What we do ?

Our Business Website solution has the following features to provide you an empowered online presence.

  • Content Management

    Get a fully functional, content managed business website from us.

  • SEO Set-up

    We provide essential SEO set-up for quick recognition by search engines.

  • Social Media

    Creation of Social Media Profiles and integrating them with your corporate website.

  • Traffic Monitoring

    Integration of traffic monitoring tools with your business website.

  • Hosting and E-mail solutions.

    Get the right hosting & e-mail solution for your website/web application from us.