Content Management


Our Business Website Development package comes with a highly usable content management system. Widely called as CMS, this system helps businesses to manage their website on their own. Using CMS, Web elements such as Pages, Content and Design can be managed at ease without the need of in-depth technical knowledge pertaining to them.

Content Management Systems help to reduce the time, effort and cost involved in updating and publishing new content. In this era of web, where the relevancy of a business website is judged based on the value of contribution and timestamp of the content, Content Management systems are a kind of boon for small and medium sized enterprises.


The task of a website administrator used to be cumbersome with regard to content management, especially if the website received frequent updates. Best coding practices involving UI framework had to be put in place for accommodating newer content. Old or outdated content required manual back-up or archiving. Expired links of the website still showed up on SERP. [Search Engine Results Page].

Thanks for the new developments which happened in the web. Nsharp customizes comprehensive content management packages such as WordPress for deploying its web solutions quickly and efficiently.

Additional Services

  • Content writing for social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn) Postings.
  • Content writing for E-Newsletters & Blogs
  • Content development for Brochure & Corporate Profiles
  • Content development for Business websites

At N-sharp we follow a standard set of practices, methods and techniques that assure a great user experience. Minimum clicks to achieve tasks, quick navigation, lesser page downloading time, great readability, smart data capture and high performance represent our user experience.