Essential SEO Set-up


SEO- Search Engine Optimization involves in undertaking various measures in order to increase the visibility of your website online. Our Essential SEO-Setup is a perfect start for businesses which want to incorporate SEO optimization as a part of their first roll-out.

‘Essential SEO-Setup’ involves in optimizing your website (Design, Visual Architecture, Development Architecture and Content) for maximizing the value of the website in the eyes of search engines. N-Sharp offers this service as a part of its Business website proposition.

This service enables your business website to get indexed by search engines from day one of its launch. Also your website is made as an open book for search engines to enable them to discover information related to business queries.


It is very important that your website is identified and indexed properly by search engines. After all a good website will provide returns only if it is picked by search engines for related search queries.

We make sure that your new website is rolled out to the web with all the basic SEO features turned ‘on’. Establishing a base for SEO activities is a part of our web development service. You can count on our Essential SEO set-up to be vital for your overall SEO process.

Here we provide a short list of activities we do for setting-up SEO for your website.

Metas & Keywords

Implementation of Title Tags, Keywords and other Meta Tags


Title tags and meta-descriptions are not rocket sciences, but it requires business acumen and knowledge of search engines to frame them appropriately. We at Nsharp know these specifics in detail and can implement them safely (because misapplication may lead to poor ranking) and effectively.

URL Canonicalization

URL Canonicalization

Many times, we design the flow of web pages in a way such that user can land up on a particular page through various links. E.g., the user lands up on the products page through ‘Menu’ links or by an internal ‘Search’ feature. This can be used as a part of online business strategy. However search engines have trouble in assigning ranking value to such page as they doubt the authenticity of the content. Search engines do not want to pass on value for duplicate content.

If proper means to communicate with Search Engines are not taken, your page can be mistaken to have duplicate content.

301 redirects, canonical links, dynamic parameter instructions are the major techniques Nsharp and other good developers use for canonicalization of URLs

HTML Markup

SEO friendly HTML Markup


Uncluttered HTML 5 coding that is optimized for SEO provides for Search Engine Visibility and efficient functioning. We look in to several aspects of HTML optimization, such as

  • Creating Search Engine friendly link structure
  • URL optimization for Search Engines
  • Implementation of light weight and highly performing front-end coding
  • Tagging key information for Rich content snippets in Search Engines and many others
XML Site Map

XML Site Map and Search Engine Submission


XML sitemaps are important tools to introduce your web pages to search engines. A crawl-ready link structure reflected in the sitemap serves as a perfect path for the search engine robots. We make sure that XML site map of your site is generated and submitted properly to search engines.


Creation of Robots.txt file


The Robots.txt has a specific use in ensuring privacy for certain web pages that we do not want to be indexed by Google. It is a minor but an important tool for informing search engines about our priorities.

Our Essential SEO – set up will help your business to immediately find its place in Google and other major search engines.

Additional Services

Additional Services

  • Standard & Advanced SEO services
  • Social Media Optimization [Facebook Marketing, Google+ and LinkedIn Marketing]
  • Pay Per Click [PPC] Advertisement campaigns