Google Places, Maps and Website Tracking


It is one of the important features of our Business Website Services. The overall purpose of this feature is to enable the Google Search Engine to identify and locate the physical presence of your business and also to enable the web admin to oversee the traffic patterns of your website and take decisions that will profit your online business.

Website tracking provides handy and effective tools using which the site’s traffic patterns can be analyzed. For example a high bounce rate associated with the exclusive product page can be due to perceived over-pricing of the product. Once this is found on analysis, other measures such as discounts/offers can be undertaken to offset this trend.


Google Maps & Places

Registering your business location details on Google places is important for your local marketing and advertising. Your data is used by Google in local business listings.


The more Google gets your data, the better it presents your website link [with rich snippets of information such as Office location on Maps, Reviews, Author details etc.] on the results page.

Positioning your geographical location accurately on Google Maps is also important for the functioning of your local business. ‘Get direction’ & ‘Search location’ features are widely used by the mobile internet users to identify & spot places and businesses. We make sure that your business details are provided properly to Google.

Website Tracking


After setting-up a complete web presence using your Business Website, Blog and Social Media, it sounds perfect to monitor the online performance in terms of web traffic. Numerous tools are available to study the traffic patterns on various basis (Geographic, demographic, technology etc.). Analyzing the traffic patterns can provide key insights about the buyer/visitor characteristics, demands and many other things.

Nsharp selects few of the best tools and integrates them with your website, so that you can monitor the performance of your website and its earning potential from your website (Admin Panel)

You can monitor the traffic data in the following ways

  • Page- wise traffic
  • Post-wise traffic
  • Audience profile
  • Technology (browsers, Operating systems, devices)
  • Traffic sources
  • Browsing characteristics and many other things.

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools are central to our tools integration services.

Additional tool integration services


  • Bing webmaster center
  • Alexa Rank
  • Facebook Insights
  • Quantacast Analytics
  • Clicky Analytics
  • Compete Analytics
  • Site Meter Analytics