Social Media Integration


Social Media represents websites and web applications that allow the users to create and share data. Some websites support more social networking activities while others support content contribution activities. Since the advent of web 2.0, social media is seen as perfect platform for marketing & selling products and services online.

Internet users are more and more purchasing products/services online. Apart from buying, a majority of online buyers actively follow brands online and recommend them to their social network, if the products &services sold online are desirable and purposeful.

N-sharp has the necessary online social expertise and technical skills to create a parallel business platform for your business in social media. We make sure that your business practically gains much from its exposure to social media.

Social Media Setup

Social Media Set-up

Most businesses are content about having their corporate profile in their official website alone. But as Social Media & SEO specialists we recommend that your profile should be made available across major social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn & Google+. With the support for dedicated company/brand pages additional to your profile page in social media websites, incentives for your social media participation are significantly high.

Our creative and content design team will create your social media profiles and if required start new personal/business accounts with the social media sites. This set-up will be the base for all your social media activities such as building up networks, group associations, making business postings, advertisements, recommendations and so on.

We do not stop at linking the website with your social media profiles; we integrate appropriate social plugins to your web pages, so that users can share your content on their social media accounts. Our social media setup services can be explained briefly as follows

Plugin Selection

In your business website, users may want to share the content of your Products/Services Page or if you own a news portal they may want to share some of the interesting news postings to their friends on social Media.

To enable this sharing, we analyze your website content and choose appropriate social media plugins to integrate with your website. Here we list down some of the plugins which are useful for sharing the web content.

There are several other plugins for Social Media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Our Social Media team will integrate the features which are best suited for your content type and need.

Facebook plugins


The user can click the ‘like’ button to tag his liking and share the associated content snippet of your website on Facebook. The buttons also has the feature to reveal the number of people who ‘Liked’ it.

Embedded Posts

This plugin can be used to make your website livelier. Your Public business posts from your Facebook account can be displayed on your business website. This is a great way to let your users know about your recent activities.

Share Button Plugin

This plugin helps the user to customize the share settings. Users can append their own comment and share it on Facebook

Recommendation Bar

This Plugin is suitable for News portals and Media websites. Users can know what their Facebook friends have viewed on your website. It expands as a pop-up and displays the information.

Google Plus Plugins

+1 Button

The google +1 button helps the users to recommend your page. Their recommendation helps their friends to find your website.

G+ Share

Like the Facebook share button, the g+ share button helps the users to share the content of your page on Google plus (g+).

G+ snippet

When your page is shared on g+, Google displays a snippet using the page title and page description. This snippet can be customized creatively with a thumb nail image.

Our Social Media Integration services are holistic. We suggest and implement only the features your business needs.