Website Design


Gone are the days when your website served just as information bullet-in. The web has seen the developments of web 2.0 and beyond to empower your business in a dynamic way nowadays.

In line with these developments, N-sharp offers you a consolidated web solution which is tailor made for the promotion of your business.

Our approach is to integrate the web presence of our clients perfectly with their business model. In general most of the offline businesses are not well supported by their online presence. N-sharp works closely with you to understand your business and provides a web solution that helps in scaling-up your business.


Our services cover the whole gamut of web platform. Well defined Goals, Clear-cut Strategy, Rapid Development, Superior work Quality and minimum words (we quickly understand your requirements!) distinguish our working style.



In the web world, a work is creative if the design conception is authentic. Our designs, starting from conceptualization to actual design creation express creativity and professionalism.Custom created icon sets, Graphical illustrations, Info-graphics, Use of proprietary stock photos are some of the ingredients of our designs.

Design Principles


Following design principles is a pre-requisite for delivering usable and effective designs. Balancing the layout in-terms of graphic and text elements, proper usage of colors, optimizing white spaces, establishing visual hierarchy and typography standards are some of the principles a good designer should be well acquainted with.

Our expert designers know well how to use these principles to create designs which are aesthetic and purposeful.Our designs are Minimal, Trendy, Aesthetic and Purposeful.

Business Specific Design


A business website needs to convey the message to its audience through text and graphical elements. We at Nsharp, create designs which convey your presence in the industry. From creating a business logo to theming and using industry-specific icons, our designs truly speak the language of your business. SEO friendly animated banners, a hallmark of our design will be a perfect promotional artifact for your business. The best of your Services, Products, Offers, Vision can be brought in the banner.

User Experience (UX)


Providing a good User experience is very important if we are looking for active user interaction. Content Readability, Accessibility, Usability, Navigation, Feedback & status systems, intelligent data capture, Error rectification mechanisms, User guidance are some of the aspects of User Experience designing.

A user of a business website would need to access information pages, subscribe to newsletters, view images and other documents, Download/share content of his/her interests, make requests by E-mail or contact forms and so on. User Experience plays a vital role in engaging the visitor to perform all the activities mentioned above. It ensures that the user gets what he wants fairly quick and encourages him to further explore the website.

Additional Design Services

We not only offer packaged design services (such as business websites) but also provide designs for specific purposes. You can contact us to create designs for specific tasks as mentioned below.


Designs for the web

  • Corporate Logo
  • E-newsletters
  • Advertisement Banners
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus – customized background, Banner, thumbnail images.
  • Product illustrations and designs for social media postings.
  • Online Advertisement banner designs.
  • Presentation templates

Designs for Print

Corporate Identities

  • Business Cards
  • Letterheads
  • Envelopes

For Promotion

  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Banners for office and exhibitions

At N-sharp we follow a standard set of practices, methods and techniques that assure a great user experience. Minimum clicks to achieve tasks, quick navigation, lesser page downloading time, great readability, smart data capture and high performance represent our user experience.