Search Engine Optimiztion


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves in establishing a connection between your business website and search engines. It aims at improving your website’s position on search engine results page [SERP] for a given set of keywords. These keywords are highly specific to your business. They are also the search terms used by the audience in search engines such as Google.

SEO Example : Promoting Garment Manufacturer’s Website in Google

Let us consider the case of a fictitious garment manufacturer in Tirupur [the famous textile manufacturing hub in Tamilnadu, India], who has recently launched his business website – Abc Garments. The manufacturer wants to promote his website in search engines so that he may gain more visitors to his website. The manufacturer would also want to convert visitors to buyers using his business strategies implemented in the website.

Existing Scenario


We have 183,000 results displayed for the keyword garment manufacturing Tirupur. To bring and sustain the on the first page for a set of keywords including the one mentioned above would be the task for the SEO service providers like NSharp.

Desired Result

Our final SEO objective is to bring to the first page of search engine results for selected keyword phrases.