How we do it? [SEO & SMM]

Firstly, we would like to know about your business. We get the information from you either by interacting directly or using a questionnaire.

The questionnaire will provide us details like

  • Information about your Business/ Industry.
  • Services, Products and Capacity to offer these.
  • Quality and standards
  • Awards, Certifications and Recognitions
  • Your Company’s Vision & Motto
  • Online Business Model for your Business and its objectives
  • Target Market – Buyer demographics, Geography and Scale
  • Your competitors – their capacities and approach towards marketing both online and offline

and many such information in detail.

Project Kick-Off Meeting

Our team reviews the information collected and identifies the list of keywords, and key areas of work.
Almost all the areas of SEO work are based on keywords identified for the promotion of your business. Our SEO Engineers identify keyword phrases based on many factors such as

* Target Market – Geography, Demographics, Product/Service needs
* Your Product/Service features
* Competition for keyword phrases
* Your USP – Unique selling proposition etc.

If your content of your business website has information about the factors mentioned above, we would consider it as one of the sources of information.

Key Areas of Work

Based on the list of keyword phrases the following aspects of SEO are planned.

* On Page Optimization
* Off-page optimization

Note:  Websites may require re-design, if the design does not comply with its online business strategy.

Poor ‘Products’/’Services’ page designs & navigation, cumbersome usability, absence of user guidance are the impediments to Search Engine Optimization of the website.

Deliverables and Reports

Once Strategies (based on analysis reports) and Action plan are in place, the actual work commences. Results obtained at each milestone are documented and produced as reports for internal project audit and then delivered to the client.

We have expert Content Writers, Designers, SEO Engineers and Social Media Analysts working in the SEO project to deliver the best for our clients.