Off Page Optimization


Off-Page Optimization increases your website’s page rank and promotes search result positions using practices that target potential sources outside your web site.

Your website has to be well connected to content sources such as your official blog, community blogs, forums and social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube etc. These sources provide you the traffic and online reputation. Your website will score search engine ranking, if appropriate measures are taken to connect with these sources.

Some of our major off-page optimization practices are given below.

* Content Marketing
* Blog Marketing
* Link marketing – Business Directories
* Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing


To earn reputation on the web, we recommend you to contribute to the web and industry using your specialized knowledge and experience.  If you can

* Publish industry specific white papers
* Publish Case studies pertaining to your projects
* Create insightful & timely postings
* Provide expert advices for consumers/buyers
* Demonstrate the usage of a product

we can undertake effective content marketing strategies for you on the web. Content Marketing activities planned with clear business objectives provides the following benefits

* Increased traffic to your business website
* Growth in the user base of your website
* Increased online business revenue
* Establishes Authority for your website
* Increased Search Engine Rankings.

Our Social Media Analysts and SEO Engineers know well where and how to market your content on the web. We also provide recommendations to nurture leads. There are more chances for the audience to follow the link reference (on the spot of content exhibition – it could be social media, official blog or a common knowledge base) and visit your website. This way your website gains traffic and page rank organically.

Blog Marketing

Generally Blog marketing has been used to promote your website, services or products directly using blog as a medium. Here, we need to consider the fact that internet audience tend not to vote for postings with sole marketing agenda.


Hence we provide recommendations and suggestions for making postings which can truly benefit the audience without compromising the underlying business objectives. Our approach will drive the audience to leave their ‘web prints’ in the form of ‘Likes’, ’Shares’ followed by visits to your website.

Link Marketing

Having inbound links to your website from ‘high quality’ [according to search engines] websites and directories helps to increase the page rank and position in Search Engine Results Page [SERP]. There are a variety of ways to market your website link to those ‘high quality’ websites including the directories.

Classifieds and Directories

The growth of classifieds market in today’s world is tremendous. In India, local business listing websites such as,, and classifieds like are getting popular.

Having put many years of work, some of these websites presently have earned good traffic and page rank value. Placing your website link on a relevant website will help you in deriving the traffic for your local business and increase in the page rank value of your website.

We make sure that your website is aptly referenced in websites of high reputation. Our process is transparent for we disclose all the details of our submissions to our clients.

Social Media Marketing

The whole gamut of websites and portals which offer specialized services like content sharing and connecting for users on internet  represent the social media. Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ are some of the social media websites.

The whole gamut of websites and portals which offer specialized services like content sharing and connecting for users on internet  represent the social media. Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ are some of the social media websites.

The number of social media users would reach 91 million by the end of the year 2013. This is the finding of a report ‘Social Media in India – 2013’ by Internet and Mobile Association of India.

Social Media provides a magnificent platform to connect and communicate with your target audience, promote your product/services and drive your sales. Also Search Engines have started to value the content posted in Social Media, since they are fresh and user authenticated. We help our clients to establish a solid base in social media in a number of ways.

Our Social Media Services

  • Creating social media accounts
  • Creating Company/Brand Pages on the Social media sites
  • Representing your corporate profile in SM [Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ ] in suitable form
  • Integrating social media plugins to your website
  • Contributing to contact network building and business postings

Interesting business posts on social media gets ‘shared’, ‘referenced’ through hash tags and even ‘Liked’ by Audience. People follow your website link on your social media profile page and visit your website. This way social media is helpful in generating traffic.

Our Content Developers and Designers will help you to create and publish informative and attractive business postings to engage your audience.