Maintenance and Support


Maintenance is a crucial aspect of website or web application management.Many software developers do not partake in maintenance activities due to cost overruns.Maintenance may involve technical fixes to the product or simple managing the user data. We undertake maintenance of Websites, web applications and portals.


Our website maintenance activities cover the following aspects.

  • Technical fixes (Front-end and Back-end levels)
  •  Graphic Design
  •  Content  Update
  •  Maintaining communication systems (E-mail, SMS etc)
  •  Following up hosting service and quality checks.

With proven experience in handling various maintenance projects and associated risks, you can trust us in doing the job.

Web Applications

Our web application maintenance activities are listed below.

User & System level

  •  Managing User Requests
  • Managing User Accounts
  •  Monitoring User Activities and Analyzing User Data
  • Monitoring System Performance
  • Creating Reports on User Data

Technical tasks

  • Graphic Design support
  • Issue tracking,Bug fixing and Testing
  • Application Build Management
  • New feature development
  • New feature development

Search Engine promotion is an on going activity. Our SEO Maintenance includes

  • On-Page optimization for new web pages
  • Off-page optimization measures including content marketing and promoting business profiles in social media.
  • Content and Feature recommendations based on SEO Analysis

These measures help you to sustain and increase your search engine ranking.


Maintaining your E-commerce website may involve the following activities.

Content Management

  • Graphic updates for products
  • Product catalogue updates
  • Managing User Accounts
  •  Monitoring user purchases/activities and reports
  •  Support for online transaction queries

Technical tasks

  • Managing your Payment gateway accounts and statuses
  • New feature customization [Customization of E-commerce solutions]
  • Bug fixes and issue resolution.