With PHP 5, programming has become more standardized with object oriented methodologies and procedures. Our technical team has mastered the various nuances of PHP and has great experience in solving various technical bottlenecks. With 20+ years of collective experience of the core team, we have no uncertainties in meeting complex requirements.

PHP Framework

Developing web applications using PHP framework consumes less time and cost. It also assures quality since the code base has already been tested rigorously. We are adept in using the following framework for PHP development.


With lot of built-in tools and support for MVC architectures, CakePHP is a means for rapid development of applications.


We use Zend to develop medium to enterprise level applications. Support for Modular and Scalable development, secure modes of coding and high performance are the characteristics of Zend framework.


MySQL has been our pick for developing database driven applications. MySQL matches commercial databases in all the aspects and it is an Open Source Database. With tools such as Query Analyzer, MySQL is easily the database of choice even for large scale development.